life's signs

2021.12.18 (Sat)

"The World Is Like a Mirror..." cleaning store sign
Are YOU right with god?
Premium Hand Packed, Tomato box on side of café.
Don't hurry be happy digital street sign over i95
Jesus loves you he is coming repent genesis 18:21 located at Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
a spilled box of cabbage in Downtown, Miami
Check cashing establishment in Miami
Have you made a decision?...Jesus
GOD IS ABLE SHIPPING LINE passing thru the Miami River, going under Brickell draw bridge.
BAKERY delivery truck parked outside of Wholefoods
"how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Matt. 23.33" sign on the medium on the street located in Hialeah, Florida.
lost dog flyer on a street sign.
Wood You Furniture store strip mall sign
pizza box on the floor downtown
JIT H03 license plate on Honda CRV
WE DELIVER over stacked pizza boxes.
"VENEZIA" truck near the Aventura area in Miami, Florida. 
littered Russian pack of cigarettes
SEAFOOD box truck with a red ship in doile print
"Have you seen me?" cat missing flyer found in a friend's car.
$175 Medical Marijuana Billboard over i95
Ice machine at gas station.
Jesus Christ died for you sign on man preaching the word of god.
Chiquita banana and First FruitsFruit box's at local juice shop.
water truck on construction site on Flagler St.